Scroll down to see how to interpret a plot created by a great tool for comparing two classes and their corpora.

I will show you below how to interpret this. -image by author

There are a few good ways to visualize text data, but many good ways to visualize other forms of data. Text data is messy and requires a vast amount of cleaning before it can be analyzed and visualized. This isn’t all bad; there are a tremendous amount of decision-making opportunities to be had during the preprocessing phase. A wide variety of tools and techniques exist to keep you adaptable regarding the data you are working with. This variety can…

A tutorial using PostgreSQL, pgAdmin 4 and the Pagila Dataset.

Postgres is an open-source project under a liberal Open Source license. You can find the PostgreSQL licence here

The following tutorial will walk you through the following tasks:

  1. Download PostgreSQL and pgAdmin 4 to your own PC or environment.
  2. Connect to PostgreSQL server
  3. Download and load the Pagila database set (based on the famous Sakila training database).
  4. Provide resources and a link to a Github repository detailing these steps. The data and the question sets will be included.

As I quickly worked through many different methods for teaching myself SQL I began to notice that very few of them truly embody the real-world feel of using the database querying language in the wild. I also felt a longing…

Using PostgreSQL and Pagila Database to practice creating and using ERDs

  1. Using pgAdmin 4 and PostgreSQL this article will demonstrate how to Create an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) of the Pagila Database to gain a greater understanding of the data you will be working with and to create a reference for which to work off of.
  2. There will display two separate methods for ERD creation. One is manually done and is much more time intensive but a better learning experience, the other is automatically done by pgAdmin 4 and is orders of magnitude faster and easier for those that are…

With a function to make it easier to produce and analyze them

With most classification problems a simple accuracy score just will not cut it. Because of this there are many different metrics available to data scientists who are looking to identify how well their model is working. There are benefits and drawbacks with having a plethora of measuring tools at your disposal. The good thing about this is that there is a score for pretty much every problem statement. The bad thing is that there are so many metrics it is often daunting and even confusing to choose them and figure out what they all mean. …

An interactive 3D geospatial tool

At this point in the early stages of my career in data science I haven’t worked with geospatial data to a large degree. In fact, it almost appears to me that some data scientists try to avoid working with geospatial data with the intent of leaving it to GIS professionals who focus their life’s work toward understanding geospatial relationships and producing geospatial frameworks, models and visualizations for real world use. That being said, there are definitely moments in data science when the use of geospatial data is necessary and important. …

‘’Ouch!” my toddler son whined as I combed his jumbled tangles of thin but burgeoning hair. I painstakingly worked not to snag a curl, however, my efforts were in vain. His gentle whining created a question. Would he rather me “gently” struggle with this endeavor while causing modest pain for a longer duration? Or, would he rather me quickly comb through the entwinement causing greater pain that would disappear instantly? I’m sure parents would differ on how to approach this.

The above question is much like the Band-aid Conundrum (something I’m not quite sure exists but I think should). The…

James Opacich

Interested in thoughts and data. Data Science Immersive Student at General Assembly

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