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A tutorial using PostgreSQL, pgAdmin 4 and the Pagila Dataset.

Postgres is an open-source project under a liberal Open Source license. You can find the PostgreSQL licence here
  1. Download PostgreSQL and pgAdmin 4 to your own PC or environment.
  2. Connect to PostgreSQL server
  3. Download and load the Pagila database set (based on the famous Sakila training database).
  4. Provide resources and a link to a Github repository detailing these…

  1. Using pgAdmin 4 and PostgreSQL this article will demonstrate how to Create an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) of the Pagila Database to gain a greater understanding of the data you will be working with and to create a reference…

With a function to make it easier to produce and analyze them

An interactive 3D geospatial tool

James Opacich

Interested in thoughts and data. Data Science Immersive Student at General Assembly

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